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Horse trekking


All excursions are guided by one or more experienced guides of the area, its biodiversity and its history. On request, theye can also guide you to visit historical and architectural urban centers that are crossed during the rides.


A shuttle service from Cefalù is available for 20.00€.


Cefalù-Etna, 6 daysDay 1 (Luogo Marchese - Casalvecchio); hours on horseback: 7
Day 2 (Casalvecchio - La Sugherita); hours of horseback: 5
Day 3 (La Sugherita - Villa Miraglia); hours on horseback: 8
Day 4 (Villa Miraglia - Monte Colla); hours on horseback: 8
Day 5 (Monte Colla - Al Vecchio Torchio del Casale); hours on horseback: 6
Day 6 (Al Vecchio Torchio del Casale - Etna North): hours on horseback: 7

Coast to Coast, 6 days1st Day (Tenuta Luogo Marchese - Casalvecchio Geraci)
2nd Day (Casalvecchio Geraci - Feudo Tudia)
3th Day (Feudo Tudia - Agriturismo Mappa)
4th Day (Agriturismo Mappa - Rifugio di Dedalo)
5th Day (Rifugio di Dedalo - Principe di Aragona)
6th Day (Principe di Aragona - San Leone)

High Madonie mountains, 2 days

Trekking Bosco Tardara, 2 days