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Rules and Conditions


Horseback  daily excursions

  • The participants to our excursions must be at least ten years old
  • They must in good fisical conditions
  • They must compulsorily wear long pants, closed shoes (even during summer) and clothes suitable to the weather conditions of the day
  • They must listen to the guide and never overtake him/her

Horse trekking lasting more than a day

  1. Membership is open to riders / riders can travel up to seven hours on horseback in the mountains. They must sign a document of accountability. The organization will not be responsible and will not be no refund if the rider decides to stop hiking for personal reasons; 

  2. You can participate with their own horses or horses provided by the organization; 

  3. The riders will be coordinated by guides that do not must be overcome in gaits. It is the faculty of the guides prevent the continuation of the journey to those who affect the successful outcome; 

  4. All participants must wear boots and riding pants, or in any case clothing and equipment suitable to ride in the woods and open countryside in the rain useful to carry a raincoat and sun cream.
  5. Each rider is responsible for any damage caused to themselves or to third parties in the course of the excursion;
  6. Each knight, in the spirit of mutual cooperation of the participants, is required to help or at least to help the knights who for whatever reason may be in difficulty
  7. The rider must comply with: 
- times and the program established by the organization; 
- the environment, and conscious that it is absolutely forbidden to throw into the ground handkerchiefs or empty bottles of soft drinks and / or any object that can pollute or deface the territory; 
- the path and provisions of the organization; 

  8. The success of the crossing is subject to weather conditions, the organization reserves the right to change some of the stages and change the paths at any time, in case of impracticability of the route will be chosen by the organization a alternative route to lower altitudes. 
Knights in case of cancellation will be refunded 100% when the trek is canceled because of the organization. 

  9. The minimum number of participants is n ° 4 people, maximum 16 people, 

  10. The organization is covered by insurance for civil liability.

The organization will provide for the trek: 
- technical assistance for the horses; 
- technical assistance to riders with food provisions, medical, medicine, and so on.