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About us

Our horses are all Sicilian Indigenous and mixed with Arabs, and come from local farms. They grow in nature, in the area where they currently work. They are fed, cared for and treated with the utmost care, respect and love that deserve these amazing and generous fellow workers

The guides that accompany our guests on these wonderful experiences, are all strictly professional and very knowledgeable about the area that is crossed, they carry a deep respect for the environment, the horses and certainly for their guests to which they always try to meet the expectations, according to their interests and equestrian skill.

Our way of doing tourism fits right into the philosophy of eco and responsible tourism as we try to have an impact on the environment as light as possible;

  • We never give up our waste during our excursions.
  • During our picnic, we never use plastic plates, cutlery and glasses.
  • We avoid as much as possible the use of plastic (bags, bottles, etc. ...) in general.
  • We favor for our accommodation agritourism (mostly restored farmhouses from eighteenth or nineteenth centuries) that respect the environment and the landscape in which they fit.
  • We favor meals based on food from local and organic agriculture.
  • We aim to offer prices for our tours to suit all budgets. 

Our Staff

Luciano Ferrigno
Born in 1979, equestrian guide and instructor, graduated as agricultural expert at the Agricultural Institute of Messina. Lives in Tusa (province of Messina), is a breeder of indigenous Sicilian thoroughbred horses. He has extensive knowlege of the paths and bridleways of the Nebrodi and Madonie mountain range as well as being an expert guide of all the trails. He speaks fluently French, Italian, Sicilian and basic English.

Sergio Carollo
Born in 1979, has been an expert in the field of tourism in Sicily for many years. His passion for promoting tourism in Sicily is second to his passion for horses. He lives in Cefalù (Province of Palermo). He speaks fluently English, French, Italian and Sicilian.

Our Horses

Sicilian Indigenous, 2015

Pure Blood Arabian, 2011

Sicilian Indigenous, 2015
Stellina x Tornado

Paint Mix, 2010

Sicilian Indigenous from 2006

Sicilian Indigenous, 2019

Pure Blood Arabian from 2008

Farfalla della Rametta
Siciliana Indigenous, 2011

Sicilian Indigenous, 2019
Farfalla della Rametta x Tuono della Rametta

Sanfratellano mix, 2010

Sicilian Indigenous x Pure Blood Arabian, 2008

L'orah (Sofi)
Pure Blood Arabian, 2007

Sicilian Indigenous, 2005

Sicilian Indigenous, 2015

Sicilian Indigenous, 2015
Piciu x Tornado

Sicilian Indigenous, 2015
Tornado x Lolita

Andalusa x Hannover, 2005

Sicilian Indigenous x Arab, 2005

Sicilian Indigenous, 2005

Sicilian Indigenous
Tornado x Topolino, 2013

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